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What is a Holistic Emotional Makeover™?

The Holistic Emotional Makeover™ (HEM) is a revolutionary approach that works on a cellular level to transform you personally and professionally.

Developed by highly intuitive Kathleen Fors, this unique, step-by-step system has proven to quickly and easily clear out limiting beliefs, unresolved childhood and adult traumas, and unwanted habits and behaviors. Personal growth of this magnitude, which could otherwise take years or decades through other methods, can be achieved in as little as 4 – 6 months. Kathleen’s clients have considered their often instantaneous results to be nothing short of miraculous.

Using the combined power of ThetaHealing® and other transformational techniques, HEM identifies and reprograms your belief system, behaviors, and emotions that cause stress and struggle. They are then replaced with positive and empowering beliefs that will also upgrade your operating system so you can achieve more results efficiently with less time and effort. Who doesn’t want to be more productive with ease? The ultimate result is that you will feel happier, healthier, and whole.

What to Expect

“When I completed Kathleen’s program, all ten major challenges that I had started the program with were completely cleared plus a lot more stuff that I didn’t even know I had.”Annalise P., Arizona

HEM transforms your stress and problems into wholeness, health and happiness. You may experience such benefits as:

    • Feeling good about yourself and life
    • Improved health, more energy and pain-free
    • Establishing healthy boundaries — saying “no” without guilt
    • Feeling happy, confident, fulfilled and at peace
    • Taking care of yourself at a high level and making yourself a priority
    • Looking and feeling younger
    • Vastly improved relationships and communication
    • Taking action and getting things done
    • Enhanced personal, professional and athletic performance
    • Having greater effectiveness, efficiency, and focus
    • Feeling as good as you look
    • Being able to express yourself in a healthy way
    • A deep sense of safety and security
    • Greater understanding and compassion for self and others
    • Having a good relationship with food and weighing your optimal weight
    • Subtle and profound life-altering behavior changes
    • Taking responsibility for your life without blame
    • Living your soul purpose
    • And much more!

How it Works

“Kathleen skillfully dug down to the exact limiting beliefs that were causing me problems and cleared them. I definitely would not have guessed that I could shift so much in just one session. How amazing is that.”Laura M., Austin, Texas

Our internal beliefs make up the software that runs our lives. If we change our beliefs, we will change our lives. It’s really that simple.

This is how it works: Our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, determine our thoughts, thinking, behavior, actions, and results. While most beliefs are formed by the age of seven, an upsetting or traumatic incident at any age can have a major effect on our belief system and hold us back, causing frustration, doubt, insecurities and anxiety.

However, when limiting core beliefs are cleared along with their associated emotions, those things that we want to be, do, and have come naturally without effort or strain. Our internal programming has changed, so instead of trying to manage our behavior, we just feel different and things happen with grace and ease. This is what it means to live in synchronicity and be in the flow of life.

Read the complete article “Understanding Beliefs” for more information.

Who is HEM For?

HEM is designed for people who have diligently searched for ways to feel good about themselves and their lives but still fell blocked and challenged. They are committed to their personal growth and development and have a huge desire to be happy. They want results and they want them fast.

“My fears and concerns about my business succeeding evaporated as soon as I started working with Kathleen. My law practice has definitely moved to a much higher level in a very short period of time.” —Kathy Tremmel, Tremmel Law, Austin, TX

What the HEM Is Not

Please note that the Holistic Emotional Makeover™ system is considered to be personal transformation work, and is not represented as psychotherapy, rehabilitation, or any other form of therapy. If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, or are involved in substance abuse, please contact an appropriate facility, therapist, or medical professional.

Please see full disclaimer HERE

Details of HEM

Before you start HEM, Kathleen begins with a no-cost Empowerment Consultation where the details of her 5 Step HEM system will be provided. This Empowerment Consultation provides an opportunity for you and Kathleen to discuss your biggest challenges and obstacles, identify your desires and goals and answer any questions you may have. It also is an opportunity to make sure that you and Kathleen are a good fit to work together.

Once you begin the 5 Step HEM system, you will be taken through a custom-designed program specific to your upbringing, life experiences, challenges and desires.

During the HEM process, you will receive the best practices from Life Coaching, ThetaHealing® and other modalities for fast, dramatic and permanent results.

“The HEM process itself is graceful and virtually effortless…old issues and patterns just appear to dissolve instantly and I feel lighter after every session!” —Teri B. California

Whatever your circumstance, Kathleen creates an environment that is completely accepting, compassionate, safe, and 100% confidential.

There are two programs you can choose from.

The Holistic Emotional Makeover™ — “Complete Life Makeover” Program

For those who have multiple challenges and want a major transformation in a short period of time. Sessions are weekly from 3 – 6 months.

The Holistic Emotional Makeover™ — “No limits on How Good It Can Get” Program

For those who feel their life is working yet want to improve their relationships, health, career, habits and increase their happiness. Sessions are once a month for 12 months.

“The beneficial effects that I have received working with Kathleen Fors can only be described as ‘life-changing’. I spent most of my professional life attempting to overcome feelings of (10-6-10)--METRO--SANBERNARDINO-- James F. Penman is the city attorney for San Bernardino. Rick Sforza/Staff Photographerinadequacy and anxiety. Once I retired as an attorney these deep seeded emotional issues became a serious challenge to my future happiness. Since I had already tried psychotherapy, medications, self-help groups, etc., I gave Kathleen’s healing approach a try. After several sessions, I can honestly say, my feelings of inadequacy and anxiety have been reduced to the point that I feel optimistic about my life, and I feel very comfortable in who I am for the first time in my life. Kathleen’s work is truly ‘life-changing’, and I highly recommend this miracle healing methodology.” David McKenna, Retired Attorney, and Former Judge, California

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied after the second session of the HEM™, at your request, all fees not used will be prorated and returned. Since each person has their own unique life experiences and programming, often unconscious to them, Kathleen DOES NOT make any promises regarding the results that each client might experience.

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