What People Say About Working with Kathleen

Anneliese P., Arizona

Before the Holistic Emotional Makeover

I am a very smart and highly capable professional who works as an independent engineer, but I was dissatisfied with my career, unhappy in many other aspects of my life and I had health issues. I felt tired most of the time—as a youth, I was involved with sports which I loved, but at the start of the HEM, I felt too weak to even take a walk around the block.

As long as I can remember, I had suffered from frequent headaches. I also experienced thyroid and adrenal issues, as well as abdominal pain. And for some time, I had participated in a rigorous, time-intensive healthcare program. Emotionally, I felt stuck and found myself procrastinating a lot. I was sometimes anxious and mildly depressed and got stressed easily. Additionally, I had experienced some emotional trauma as a child and an incident as an adult which were still affecting me negatively. All of this was putting a strain on my own well-being and relationships. I had participated in several self-help programs/seminars and a yearlong life coaching program which took extensive time and travel — but with very little results.

After the Holistic Emotional Makeover

When I completed the HEM, all ten major challenges that I had listed before I started the program were completely cleared plus a lot more stuff that I didn’t even know I had. Here are the main results I experienced:

Physical Health

  • No more headaches
  • No more stomach pains
  • Improved energy levels; moderate exercise daily
  • Increased overall health and well-being


Mental & Emotional Health

  • Feel comfortable and confident instead of anxious in a variety of situations
  • Feel content and happy instead of depressed
  • Feel balanced in my emotional responses to potential stressful situations
  • Feel able to respond to others’ anger appropriately without being fearful
  • No longer feel obligated to take care of others
  • Feel empowered and in action
  • Feel comfortable going out in public and being around others socially
  • No longer have the need to please others
  • Feel neutral to several traumatic incidents
  • Feel good about myself and my life
  • Feel free to be my authentic self
  • Feel impervious to other people’s behavior
  • Feel free from guilt, fear, and judgment
  • Feel happy and at peace


Home, Relationship & Career

  • Satisfied with my career
  • Feel comfortable and confident in my decisions
  • Improved communication with friends, family, and co-workers


The HEM is a cutting edge system that is powerful and effective, with the investment being relatively small compared to the results and value I experienced. We cleared things I had been holding on to for decades in less than an hour, and I felt lighter and knew something had shifted by the time I got off each call. My life today looks nothing like it did a few months ago when I did the HEM with Kathleen and it’s just getting better and better.

If you are all called to do this work, I highly recommend you go for it. No matter what kind of challenges you face, I believe Kathleen can help you clear them so you can open up to possibilities you’ve never dreamed of.

David McKenna, California (Judge and Attorney, Retired)

Jan R, Texas, Project Manager

I started working with Kathleen because I was seeking some kind of help with conquering the unseen, unknown “things” in my life that were hindering me from getting what I deeply wanted. I also felt stressed and no matter what I did my overweight struggle was agonizing and depressing. And even though I was highly competent and successful in my career, my life was stressful and challenging.

Kathleen’s work with the belief system and emotions is powerful and fast. No matter what I was going through, I could depend on her to work with me to identify the root of the challenges I was facing and help me get cleared of them. Kathleen’s program is well-built, thorough, and very effective. She is insightful, caring and thoughtful in how she approaches each session.

All areas in my life have improved measurably – ranging from family, work, relationships, health, spiritual and my weight.  Due to the effectiveness of her belief work, the changes I have experienced came without effort and strain, which has been amazing!  I am now calm at work; have new skills for listening, observing and interacting with others; feel positive, confident, and empowered; have a much better relationship with food and feel good about my body; and I have learned to love and have compassion for myself.

Kathleen kept her promises of the results that I would experience. I know I grew and evolved into a better person each time we had a session and my life just kept getting better and better. And to top it all off, I just got a huge promotion and I am so excited!

Kathleen is a friend, confidant, and powerful life makeover professional that I am deeply grateful to have in my life. Working with her has been a true blessing and a huge positive impact in my life.

Teri Breier, California

Since I started working with Kathleen Fors through her one-of-a-kind Holistic Emotional Makeover™, my life has been transforming in many unexpected and positive ways from the inside out. Most significantly, a place has opened up in my consciousness to create a level of abundance, both personally and professionally, that had always seemed blocked before. I am attracting a higher caliber of clients, earning more income, attuning to my creativity in greater ways, expanding my sense of well-being, and experiencing more peace and understanding in many of my relationships.

The HEM process itself is graceful and virtually effortless…old issues and patterns just appear to dissolve instantly and I feel lighter after every session! I know there is more healing to come, and I look forward to continuing my journey with Kathleen.

Laura M., Texas

I knew I was suffering with feelings of fear, sadness, resentment, betrayal and more after my recent divorce, but I kept thinking that those feelings would subside on their own if I just tried to be logical and “think right.” I had no idea that these feelings and how I was interacting with my ex-husband were based upon a previous incident. Kathleen skillfully dug down to the exact limiting beliefs that were causing me problems and cleared them. I definitely would not have guessed that I could shift so much in just one session.  How amazing is that! I now feel empowered and easy, despite any abuse or manipulation that my ex-husband might dish out to me. I am deeply grateful that I am free of the emotions that I had coming into my session.  Kathleen, thank you!

Kathy Ramirez, California

When I started working with Kathleen I had worked since I was 6 years old and was a workaholic. In just 2 sessions I started taking weekends off for the first time in my life. This was so different and amazing to me to be able to relax and enjoy myself. A few months later I became semi-retired. I was having the time of my life spending time with friends, family and traveling. A whole new world had opened up for me.

When I was working with Kathleen, two events happened that were traumatic. The first was when I was physically attacked on a job by a person on drugs. I got a severe headache and my heart was racing constantly. This time in a single session, Kathleen cleared my fear, shock, headache and guilt (because I’d roughed her up a bit defending myself). I felt okay again and deeply relieved that my heart was beating normally.

A month later, something happened and I got stressed, worried, my brain was foggy, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, didn’t want to be around anyone and if I did, I acted like a jerk. I was a miserable zombie. Again, Kathleen saved me with one of her magical sessions. I immediately felt calm and relaxed and my brain was clear. I felt good again and life was easy.

Next, I had a pleasant surprise. I found myself in the same room with my sister whom I hadn’t talked to civilly for years. Wow! Not able to communicate with her at all had been a big strain in the family. Thank you Kathleen for helping me be a better person. Never thought this day would come. I feel really good about myself.

My next miracle came when Kathleen took the pain away from my right shoulder. I had fractured my shoulder socket from a motorcycle accident about 2 years earlier. It had not healed properly and I had pain going up my neck into the back of my right eye. I couldn’t raise my right arm. Since our session, I have not had any pain and I painted my mom’s bedroom the next week without any problems. Amazing! Working with Kathleen has been a lifesaver.

Kathy Tremmel | Tremmel Law – Austin, Texas

My fears and concerns about my business succeeding evaporated as soon as I started working Kathy-Tremmel-Contact-adjwith Kathleen. She gave me clarity, confidence and a sense of assurance, which really helped my business and me to move forward and relieved me of the stress I was experiencing. Not only is Kathleen highly skilled in alternative healing techniques that cleared my sabotaging beliefs, she has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in business which has also been extremely beneficial. My law practice has definitely moved to a much higher level in a very short period of time.

Cynthia Delgado, Dental Hygienist, Austin, TX

I just wanted to share with you the awesome progress I have made thanks to working with you & becoming empowered with just having one session per month over the past 7 months.

A HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders when my divorce was finalized on March 24th. And exactly one month later, last Monday, my house sold!!! I made enough from the sale to finally get my car fixed and pay off some debt. That was the last tie I had to my x-husband. I was able to fully let it all go and feel free to move on and move forward… so…On Friday, I officially took my birth name back! I spent all morning at the social security administration and then the DPS.

Triumphant tears poured down my face when I walked out of the SSA office as I held the official document in my hands. I just sat there in the car for a while feeling so proud of myself thinking about the challenges and hardships I have overcome.

And a little while later, I applied for a new Divers License. I signed my birth name for the first time since 1999. I was 22 years old when I married my first husband and so ready to become someone else. Growing up with a Hispanic name made me feel inferior. As I look back, I understand that I didn’t really know or love myself at all.

Today, I am ready to finally embrace my true self and my maiden name. I couldn’t see how beautiful life truly is until now… even with all the ugly, chaotic trying events, but it is… beautiful! I’m so very grateful.

Clearing childhood programming and false beliefs helped me to heal old wounds and feel more confident… so much so that I was able to attract a kind and considerate man into my life. You helped me to meet my amazing boyfriend, Ryan, who treats me so well.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kathleen for being a blessing to my life and integral part of my journey.


Dear Kathleen, I am amazed at how much has shifted for me. Here are my observations of the most dramatic changes that have occurred for me over the past 2 months: I don’t feel poor anymore, it is safe to have money, I don’t have the feeling that I will be betrayed by the people I love, I know I affect people in a good way and that people like me, I no longer emotionally overeat, I think being different is okay, I am hopeful about my future, I feel comfortable standing up for myself, my need to please people is gone, I am more comfortable around angry people, I am free of the fear of being a bag lady and dying alone, I don’t’ feel like I am stupid but know I am smart, I have boundaries and can say “no” without guilt, a burden has been lifted off my shoulders, and I am neutral to a lot of childhood trauma that has caused me pain. If I was to list all that has been cleared it would take at least a page. Anyone who goes through Kathleen’s program is extremely lucky! It is life changing and definitely an emotional makeover.

A million thank you’s, Joanne P.

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