It's not a Ball Game, It's a Mind Game

Do you feel blocked in performing to your potential on the course and perhaps in your professionally life too? This is called having a mental block. By determining the source of the problem, Kathleen can help you clear your challenges.

Kathleen Fors is a high performance coach – sometimes referred to as a success coach. She is founder of the Holistic Emotional Makeover System to help professionals overcome obstacles to success. Since the body and mind is connected, upgrading performance on the playing field and professionally, also contributes to personal growth enhancing health and relationships.

As a player since I was 12 years old and averaging playing twice a week, I was shocked when I developed yips (uncontrollable physical jerk during a stroke) when I was 42 years old. I was familiar with the term but didn’t really understand the debilitating affect yips has on performance until I got it. Then I spent a great deal of time researching for a solution, but I didn’t find one until I met Coach Fors. In only two sessions, she cleared by yips which I feel is phenomenal. I highly recommend her services to any player who wants to improve their performance and enjoyment of the game at any level.

Steve Lass
MA Psychology, University of California at Santa Barbara, Men's Golf Coach Since 1994

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