Remove Every Block to Success for a Life You’ll Love!

Is This You?

Read the statements below to determine whether the Holistic Emotional Makeover might be right for you.
  • I feel unsuccessful. Despite extensive personal development classes, coaching, books, and counseling, I still feel blocked or stuck.
  • I am stuck in negative feelings. I suffer from stress, anger, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, sabotaging behaviors, and/or irrational fears.
  • Something just feels off. Despite appearing successful to others, on the inside I feel frustrated, unhappy or feel like something is missing.
  • I often ask myself “What am I doing wrong?” Even though I lead a healthy lifestyle, I suffer from physical pain or other health challenges.
  • I have challenges around food. I experience emotional eating, eating disorders, and/or unhealthy eating habits and/or have problems with my weight.
  • I am so tired! I suffer from chronic fatigue and want more energy.
  • I can’t sleep. I have trouble sleeping and don’t know why. Nothing seems to help.
  • I am overwhelmed. I often feel overwhelmed by life and have difficulty making decisions.
  • People seems to take advantage of me. I am easily intimidated or manipulated by others and find it hard to stand up for myself.
  • I am a “workaholic”. I work too much, often to the expense of other aspects of my life (friends, family, health, etc.).
  • I am unsuccessful in creating and sustaining a healthy loving relationship. I don’t understand how relationships work and what behaviors are sabotaging them.
  • My emotions are ruling my life. I am either completely controlled by my emotions and feelings, or I do things to avoid dealing with them or numb myself out.
  • I am afraid of my own success. I am committed to my personal achievement, but still find that I fear being successful and self-empowered.
  • I put important things off. I know what I need to be doing, but often wait until the last minute to get things done. I procrastinate.
  • I am in a rut. I know I am highly capable but I am in a professional slump and want to get out of it.
  • I sometimes feel angry, resentful, fearful, embarrassed, guilty or shameful toward myself or others.
  • I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I find myself shouldering other people’s problems to the expense of my own, and often have trouble saying “no”.
  • I have been through a major life change. I want to go through this transition skillfully and successfully. (Big changes might include marriage/divorce, death, children, job change, financial issues, etc.)
  • My marriage is on the rocks. It feels unstable or stagnant and I want to feel in love again and have my relationship work.
  • I suffered negative childhood experiences. As a child, my parents or guardians were abusive or negligent.
  • I’m afraid my issues may be hurting my children. I am concerned that I am passing down unwanted habits and suffering to my children and want to know how to avoid doing so.
  • I don’t like being around other people for any length of time. I experience social anxiety and I am uncomfortable in social situations.
  • I feel insecure. I know I am not being my authentic self, and I want to be comfortable and confident with who I am.
  • I want to be completely free from addiction. I am in recovery from substance abuse (clean and sober for at least 90 days) and I want to resolve the core issue that caused my addiction.
  • I feel aimless, purposeless. I don’t feel I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I want to discover and live my true purpose.
  • I feel limited and stuck by my situation. I want to feel good about myself and my life regardless of my life circumstances.

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