Kathleen Fors, Founder of the HEM System

Kathleen has a passion for helping people remove their blocks to success and experience the best life possible. She is uniquely qualified to assist others in living a life they'll love.

The Holistic Emotional Makeover (HEM) System is a culmination of all the self-improvement, coach training and energy modalities she has mastered over the past three decades. The tremendous amount of valuable information she has learned from working with hundreds of clients and students also contributed to the highly effectiveness of the HEM System.

Kathleen personally has overcome a twenty-two year binge eating disorder, a five year life threatening illness, relationship problems -- romantic and professional that were emotionally painful and financially costly, and a huge amount of stress and overwhelm. Kathleen is now living a life she had always yearned for, full of good health, happiness, self-confidence and peace. Her mission today is to share her unique HEM System with others, clearing out anything that stands in the way of people being their authentic, healthy, empowered and happy selves.

Because of the amazing results her clients experience in such a short period of time, Kathleen is considered to be a pioneer and leader in the field of "Belief Work and Behavior Change."

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Training Programs and Certifications

  • Certified ThetaHealing® instructor in the following classes:
    • Basic & Advanced DNA
    • Manifesting and Abundance
    • Soul Mate
    • Optimal Weight
    • Intuitive Anatomy
  • Certificates in ThetaHealing® classes – Game of Life and DNA 3
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as “Tapping Therapy”)
  • Advanced WaveMaker Coach
  • Attended Coach University
  • Instructor of The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems
  • Master of Pure Awareness Techniques
  • Certified “Calling in The One” Coach
  • Yuen Energetics
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Higher Brain Living
  • Children’s Self Esteem courses
  • Landmark Education Curriculum
  • 6-month Introduction to Forum Leader program
  • Wisdom Course Coach
  • Multiple Communication Courses

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Career History​

​Kathleen was a gifted athlete in her younger years and excelled in snow skiing, the National Ski Patrol, tennis, swimming and sprint triathlon events. She graduated from college with a Master's Degree in Physical Education and worked as a teacher and athletic coach at the high school and college level for 6 years.

During the next twenty years she worked in a variety of career positions: real estate agent, assistant manager of a tennis club, owner of an Events Planning and Management company, and Director of the Scholarship and Business & Industry Associates programs for the Foundation for Santa Barbara City College.

In 1996 Kathleen began helping friends and associates organize and market their small business. This was the beginning of her personal coaching and consulting career.