Do Any of These Statements Sound Like YOU???

      • You are capable and intelligent, and you know what you want; but just can’t seem to make it happen — you feel blocked.
      • You feel stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed. (For 50 common signs and symptoms of stress click here)
      • You might be an emotional eater and yo-yo dieter even though you’ve worked several programs and feel it’s hopeless. (Click here to receive a Special Report about Weight Loss)
      • You might have health issues even though you eat healthy and exercise.
      • You might be sick of being single and wonder what’s wrong, or you’re just unable to sustain a romantic relationship.
      • You might have tried self-help, EFT, EMDR, therapy, or other energy work with little or no success.
      • In fact, you might even have all of these challenges and more.


“Working with Kathleen has been an amazing gift. For years I knew what I wanted but felt blocked.  I couldn’t understand what the blocks were or why they were there.  Fortunately neither of those two things mattered.  Kathleen helped me eliminate the blocks. It took very little time and the impact has been amazing.”– Teri Hill, M.Ed., Speaker/Performance Consultant/Executive Coach , Austin, TX

No matter what your challenges are, I would guess you are probably tired of what feels like a never-ending search for feeling good about yourself and your life.

You want relief and you want it now. You are ready for something that finally works that can help you be more successful in every area of your life and that creates permanent and lasting change.

Your search is finally over!

Welcome to the Holistic Emotional Makeover™ (HEM), an evolutionary system for freedom from emotional pain, health problems, and life challenges. You can now relax. HEM is your personal path so you can have the freedom, abundance, joy, health, and love you so deeply desire — with ease and speed!


“I have been a licensed psychotherapist for 25 years in private practice and have trained, supervised, and employed many therapists over the years. In my opinion, Kathleen does the best work with her clients and gets better results than anyone I have ever seen. Working with Kathleen, I stopped emotionally overeating and lost 25 pounds in 3 months. And other areas of life improved drastically too! I am overjoyed.” Cynthia “Denise” Porter, LPC-5, Therapist and Owner of Over the Rainbow Psychotherapy, PLLC — McAllen, TX

Why HEM?

Kathleen Fors’ unique system delivers profound changes in your life in a short period of time.

Unlike other approaches that only focus on one or two areas, the HEM system uses a “whole person” approach to your transformation by addressing your “belief programming.” HEM positively impacts you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially.

The HEM System is custom tailored to you for clearing out anything operating consciously or unconsciously that has kept your life from working in every way.

This unique life transformation program is an extreme yet gentle makeover for your inner self, designed to support you to:

    • Easily and effortlessly break old habits and patterns. Say goodbye to things like emotional eating, arguing with your partner over the tiniest things, or attracting the same types of negative people into your life over and over.
    • Manifest your intentions in a reasonable amount of time without being blocked.
    • Feel happy to be around family and friends and feel like other people are on your side and have your back.
    • Do all the things you enjoy without pain, fatigue, or lack or motivation.
    • Be 100% yourself. Let go of the fear of what other people may think about you and make measurable progress towards your personal dreams and goals.
    • Face each day with joy and gratitude and look forward to whatever may come your way—known or unknown. Life will then become an adventure you look forward to rather than something you dread.
    • Be cool as a cucumber in situations that used to trigger you. The things that used to set you off, make you upset or stressed, will no longer bother you.
    • Have enough time, energy and money to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them, and with the people you want to do them with! Say goodbye to the “not enough” syndrome.
    • Be clear and focused, why you are here and what you are here to do. You will have control over the direction of your life and your life will have meaning and purpose.
    • Feel good, look good, be healthy and self-empowered.
    • And much, much more! What do you want or need to make your life easier, happier, and healthier?

Once you have completed the Holistic Emotional Makeover™, you just might not even recognize yourself—or your life!

To start your transformation immediately, subscribe and receive my Free Special Report: “How to Learn the Single Most Powerful Tool for Transforming Your Life”, (top right column). However if you want your person transformation now — schedule your No-cost Empowerment Consultation by clicking HERE.
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